Computerized Auditing Using ACL Data Analytics
ACL Issues for Website

Scratch Off Sticker.
Gently scratch off the silver coating on the sticker and BE CAREFUL NOT TO SCRATCH OFF THE ENTIRE STICKER. The serial number is underneath the silver coating, so use a coin to gently remove the silver coating to reveal the serial number. We recommend that you stay away from the edges of the silver sticker when scratching off the coating. If you destroy the serial number, you will be unable to access the software and data.

Antivirus and Firewall Recommendation.
We recommend that you temporarily disable all antivirus programs and firewalls prior to installing the ACL program and Armond Dalton′s data. Some antivirus programs and firewalls interfere with the ACL program installation, as well as the Armond Dalton data installer.

ACL program installs, but Armond Dalton′s data is not installed.
If only Sample Project and Metaphor are available when you open the ACL program (and if you see 2008 dates when you open one of these two projects), then the Armond Dalton data did not install. First, check to make sure you followed the instructions on page 1–14 and 1–15 to sign back into the Armond Dalton digital site to retrieve the Armond Dalton data. If you don′t complete these steps, the ACL default data is on your machine and not the Armond Dalton data for the project. If you have already followed the steps on pages 1–14 and 1–15 and you still don′t have the correct data, see item #2 above. You may have to repeat the steps on pages 1–14 and 1–15 after disabling your antivirus program and firewall.

ACL either shows an error message or shuts down when opened.
You may be attempting to open the ACL program with a Windows user that doesn′t have Administrative rights. Be sure that the Windows user you are logged in under has administrative rights (i.e. not a Guest user or another user without administrative rights). Check the User Account Controls and make sure the user you are signed into Windows with has administrative rights.



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