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We publish only the highest quality supplements

…for accounting and information systems courses for college and university students. All of our publications include commercially published software:

  • One uses the most widely used accounting software in the world: QuickBooks Pro 2020
  • One involves extensive use of one of the most successful accounting software packages used by medium-sized companies:Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016.
  • All supplements use Excel as part of the materials.


Armond Dalton publishes only the highest quality accounting and information systems supplements. Each is backed by extensive university teaching experience and excellent teacher and textbook author reputations. All books, including revisions, have been extensively student tested either in classrooms or by multiple students outside of the classroom, with the focus being making the materials easy to understand.


Because of our concern for students′ needs and the high price of textbooks, we offer significant cost savings for high quality materials by eliminating the use of a sales force.


The hallmark of our company is the service we provide. Our office staff knows every aspect of our business and is committed to quality service. Phone calls are answered by friendly, knowledgeable personnel and in–stock orders are shipped within 24 hours.
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