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Accounting Data Analytics – Problems and Cases



This eBook helps you teach data analytics concepts to your accounting students. It opens with four modules that introduce vital concepts, including how practicing accountants and auditors use data analytics, introductions to process modeling, databases, statistics, and how to communicate results. These modules are followed by cases that provide hands-on practice with data analytics in accounting applications, including cost drivers, tax, auditing, and customer profitability, with new cases being released regularly. You can choose which specific modules will work best in each of your courses, making Accounting Data Analytics: Problems and Cases a valuable supplement to almost any course in the accounting curriculum or the basis for a full course in accounting analytics.

Written by authors who have professional experience in accounting and information systems in addition to their academic careers, Accounting Data Analytics: Problems and Cases provides practical guidance, hands-on skills training, realistic scenarios, and substantial datasets. (Dawna Drum, Gary Schneider, Georgia Smedley, Chelley Vician, and Jamie Hoelscher).

Module 1 – An Introduction to Data Analytics

Module 2 – A Method for Data Analytics Work (REAL)

Module 3 – Analytics Data Handling

Module 4 – Basic Statistics for Data Analysis

Module 5 – Communication

Module 6 – Data Analytics for Customer Profitability Analysis

Module 7 – Data Analytics for Cost Drivers

Module 8 – Data Analytics for Taxes – EITC Analysis

Module 9 – Data Analytics for Internal Auditing