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Electronic Cloud Version of the Systems Understanding Aid

1st Edition

Arens, Ward, Bay, and Drum

The Electronic Cloud Version of the Systems Understanding Aid (E-SUA), 1st Edition by Arens, Ward, Bay, and Drum, is a cloud-based version of our most popular accounting supplement, the Systems Understanding Aid (SUA), 10th  Edition by Arens and Ward. Like the SUA, the E-SUA is a comprehensive accounting practice set that includes flowcharts, realistic business documents, and internal controls. The E-SUA combines the hands-on learning approach of the SUA with cloud-based convenience to help students understand basic business documents and visualize information flow in the accounting process. The E-SUA is designed for use in AIS, financial accounting, auditing, and capstone courses. The E-SUA was designed to help students:

  • understand flowcharts, documents, records, internal controls, and their role in the accounting process.
  • see the big picture of accounting by completing all phases of an accounting project.
  • understand accounting transactions and their relationship to financial statements.

In this 15-20 hour online project, students will:

  • electronically complete all documents and records in the cloud based on instructions and flowcharts.
  • use the transactions data to prepare entries in appropriate journals and individual postings to the general and subsidiary ledgers.
  • perform internal control procedures indicated on the flowcharts.
  • prepare adjusting entries in the general journal and post journals to general and subsidiary ledgers.
  • prepare an income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows.
  • prepare a bank reconciliation.
  • prepare a monthly accounts receivable statement.
  • prepare reports of accounts receivable aging, accounts payable, and fixed assets.
  • file all completed E-SUA documents and records as indicated in the flowcharts.

Convenient Features of the Cloud-based E-SUA:

  • Automatic grading!
  • The ability to assign a different transaction set to each student, if desired.
  • Two main categories of transaction sets to choose from: (1) shorter/less complex and (2) longer/more complex, Guidance for choosing the best transaction set type for your course/students is provided in the Instructor’s Guide/Solutions Manual.
  • Choice of approach: chronological or cycle-based, depending on which approach best suits your course.
  • Choice of one or four assignments, with timers for each assignment.
  • Choice of either one grading submission or up to five grading submissions for each assignment.

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The perfect addition to many different courses.

Using the E-SUA will provide students with a solid understanding of business forms, records and the accounting process. Its use is highly effective in:

  • Accounting Information Systems courses
  • Financial Accounting courses
  • Auditing courses
  • Stand-alone and Capstone courses

Using the E-SUA will enable students to:

  • Tie the entire accounting process together better than anything ever used before.
  • Visualize what happens in the accounting process by doing the integrated project instead of just reading about it or doing short projects that are not connected.
  • Become actively involved in reading flowcharts, preparing documents, recording transactions, performing internal control activities, and preparing different reports and schedules.
  • Complete the project by following the instructions without requiring much of the professor′s time.