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Computerized Accounting
in the Cloud Using
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

8th Edition (2016)
Arens, Ward, Latham, and Borsum

Computerized accounting practice set, including and using a fully operational cloud-based version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (commercially available accounting software for mid–sized companies). Early chapters provide familiarization and practice. These are followed by the case project of recording transactions and adjustments and performing month–end and year–end closing procedures. The final chapter covers internal controls.

Included in the Package:

  • Code to access a 120–day cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016. The software has essentially the same functionality as the version sold to businesses.
  • The Instructions & Assignments book, including tear out pages to make it easier for students to prepare solutions and for instructors to grade them.
  • The Reference book developed by the authors to help students learn the software and assist students in completing the assignments.
  • Access to digital Instructor′s Guide & Solutions, (available to instructors only).

Microsoft Dynamics GP, highly respected computerized accounting software for medium–sized businesses, is more sophisticated than most accounting software for small businesses. It is easy for students to learn and use and is highly relevant for accounting majors who will be working with a CPA firm or in industry.

Estimated completion time:

20 to 25 hours, with options for the Instructor to reduce time required.

Assignments include instructions, practice, student problems and cases, and reference material.

  • Chapter 1—Introduction and Software Access
    Students learn how to access the software in the cloud and how to enter and exit the program without assistance.
  • Chapter 2—Familiarization
    Students learn the primary features of Microsoft Dynamics GP through a series of practice exercises with explanations.
  • Chapter 3Overview of Maintenance, Transaction Processing, and Other Activities
    Students learn the various activities that can be done using Microsoft Dynamics GP, including how to perform maintenance on underlying records, how to process transactions, and how to perform other activities with the software.
  • Chapter 4—Overview of Obtaining Information, Including Reports
    Students learn how to obtain information in Microsoft Dynamics GP, including inquiry, lists and SmartList. The last part of this chapter covers report generation.
  • Chapters 5 through 7—Practice
    Four chapters teach students to process transactions and other activities, organized by accounting cycle. Students then use the information learned in Chapters 5 through 7 and the Reference book to process additional information in Chapters 8 and 9 without additional guidance.
  • Chapter 8—Recording Transactions and Adjustments, and Performing Month-end and Year-end Closing Procedures
    Students process typical business transactions and perform other activities for a company with only the Reference book as guidance.
  • Chapter 9—Internal Controls
    Students learn about internal controls through a series of exercises, using their knowledge about internal controls and experience gained using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Start them off right with Systems Understanding Aid.

A comprehensive manual accounting practice set that teaches students accounting processes, flow of transactions, documents and records, and recording transactions. Students are able to visualize the entire accounting process, including what happens at each step.They also learn through reading flowcharts and preparing documents and tasks such as reconciling a subsidiary record and control account. After completing Systems Understanding Aid, move ahead with Microsoft Dynamics GP which includes a chapter that requires students to process the same transactions and other requirements included in Systems Understanding Aid and compare the results. Upon completion of both projects, students will have a better understanding of what happens in computerized systems. This understanding facilitates exploring such topics as the documents used in computerized systems and computerized internal controls.

Learning by Doing

Student Benefits:

  • MAC USERS CAN ACCESS THE SOFTWARE JUST LIKE PC USERS! Cloud delivery allows all users to access the software, using an access code (provided on the Instructions & Assignments book cover) and a reliable Internet connection.
  • Students begin using Microsoft Dynamics GP within ten minutes after starting the project and use the computer to do all work in the project.
  • Each assignment is reasonably short to retain student interest and provide maximum learning experience. Any assignment can be redone if the student desires.
  • Assignments are designed on a step–by–step basis from simple to more complex.
  • The project uses two companies to provide different learning experiences.

Faculty Benefits:

  • Students can use laboratory or personal computers (BOTH MAC AND PC!) to complete the project. No more complicated lab/network installations! All that students need is a reliable internet connection.
  • Students are able to learn the software and complete the project with minimal involvement from the professor.
  • Technical support is available through Dynamics Cloud.
  • Students can use laboratory or personal computers to complete the project. The project provides every student with Program and Data CDs and all other materials and information needed.
  • Students find the project an excellent learning experience and satisfying.
  • Faculty have flexibility to include assignments or eliminate the more complex ones.
  • Detailed instructions for assigning and grading are provided.